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Lovely to use. Helps gain focus. Keeps your mind calm. Definitely recommended.


Chloe, Content Strategist

“ creates the right atmosphere for deep work.“


@kfinew is one of the best things ever. So happy I bumped into this today.


Xavier, DevOps Engineer

“Premium is the best all-in-one solution to help me focus“


@Sal_i_l makes working from home bearable for me.



For anyone who gets easily distracted whilst revising I 100% recommend


@vhslore is a lifesaver, I would have never been able to be focused on my assignments if that website hadn’t existed



I absolutely love as a deep focus setting!

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The Perfect Playlist

Hit play and get into the zone instantly. No ads. No distracting lyrics.

Sounds to cut out the noise

Each scene comes with adjustable soundscapes like rain, waves or birds.

Click the circle

Craft your focus environment

Would you rather get it done in the cafe, or escape to the beach? gives you both and a lot more.

Unlock next-level focus with premium

Powerful drag-and-drop widgets and features

Advanced timer

Pomodoro timer with time-tracked tasks and live report.

Full catalog of sounds

20+ soundscapes

Productivity insights

Track for how long you have focused every day, and a lot more.

Full catalog of scenes

40+ original, interactive scenes. Updated monthly.


Capture your thoughts and ideas before they slip away.

PDF Reader

Custom playlists


and more